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School having classes from Play Class to XII

Registration for new admission for an academic year starts on January of the previous academic year. Admission to Play Class is open all round the year. Admission to Lower K.G. and Upper K.G. classes are to be made in the January every year. There will be no entrance test for children of KG classes.

Pupils seeking admission into Std. I and up will be tested for admission according to the norms of the CBSE course. They must bring their own writing materials. No special books are required.

Selected pupils should come for admission with their parent/guardian.

A candidate who has studied in a recognized school cannot be admitted without a School Leaving Certificate from the school he/she last attended. If he/she comes from a school outside the State of Kerala it has to be countersigned by the Educational Officer of the place in which the school is situated. An attested copy of the birth certificate must also be submitted.