1. Value Education:

To create a climate that encourages freedom of thought while inculcating the savor of self-discipline, punctuality, fair play and industry.

2. Academic Excellence:

To nurture heuristic, lifelong learners and who excel in conventional academic demands; explore and discover the inter-connectivity of disciplines and grow into active generators of knowledge.

3. Co-Curricular Activities:

To ensure that ALL students gain experience, and appreciate ALL the creative and performing arts thereby promoting the acquisition of team spirit and development of individual skills needed for a holistic growth.

4. Teaching Strategy:

To practice tailored teaching strategies incorporating latest technology to facilitate the diverse learning styles and intelligence quotients of the student.

5. Community Service:

To disseminate awareness of environmental concerns and humanitarian issues and kindle a sense of responsibility towards the amelioration of the needy by working with charity organizations.

6. Technology:

To allow opportunities for a guided, constructive and age-appropriate use of technology and other resources within and throughout the academic programme.

7. Individual Attention:

To discover the latent potential in each child through individual attention and providing them with opportunities to hone them to their full potential.

8. Counseling:

To monitor a complementary growth of social, cognitive and spiritual facets of a child and aid in making fulfilling life and career choices.

9. To Grow From Strength To Strength:

To conduct periodic review of all programmers and procedures to ensure consistency and continuous improvement in line with the ideals espoused in the Mission statement and in the Motto of the school.