Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara

“Towards Integral Personality”

The coat of embodies the spirit of our motto. The carvings on the shield: the sea at the bottom hills, the rising sun, paddy and coconut tree in the middle and a book and Lamp at the top represent the different aspects of integral growth of a person.

THE SEA symbolizes the tranquility of mind which is achieved through wisdom and prioritizations of values.

THE HILLS represent the loftiness of thought and vision.

THE COCONUT PALM AND PADDY depict the distinctive geographical characteristics of our locale. They also pay homage to our rich cultural heritage.

THE RISING SUN portrays the divine help from the Omniscient which dispel the darkness of ignorance.

THE OPEN BOOK stands for the various sources for acquisition of knowledge and wisdom.

THE LIGHTED LAMP symbolizes the brightening of the young mind with the light of wisdom and making them torches to illumine the world.